Transnational Access

Fully funded access to top nano-characterization facilities across Europe!

The Transnational Access (TA) component for QualityNano is dedicated to providing Users from the European nanosafety community access to nanomaterials processing, characterisation and exposure assessment facilities (TAFs). Access to 15 major European research sites is via a single application and evaluation process. Collectively, these sites will enable Users to access small to medium scale equipment and facilities (with the appropriate knowledge to apply them in this context) through to some of the most highly equipped nano-characterization centres in Europe. The central principle of access provision is to offer the Users a full range of services from standard nanomaterials, tuition in best practice, laboratory support and training, and a suite of protocols for all aspects of nanomaterials processing and characterisation in a biological context.

Download User Guidance Manual and QualityNano TA FAQ.

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