Joint Research Activities

The Joint Research Activity (JRA) component for QualityNano will develop novel analytical approaches and tools to enhance understanding of health and safety issues in nanotechnology and push beyond the state of the art in nanomaterials processing, labelling and identification and characterisation in situ. Participants are 25 facilities, selected for their unique contributions in research, where it pertains directly to new or improved methods to contribute to nanosafety.

The topics addressed by QualityNano’s JRA are:

  • Development of strategies to eliminate and/or reduce variability in nanomaterials batch-to-batch reproducibility and to determine acceptable variability levels for biological applications (JRA1).
  • Optimisation of traceability of nanoparticles by development of reliable labelling (radioactive, stable isotope and fluorescent) (JRA2).
  • Development and validation of characterisation tools for nanoparticles in situ in biological, environmental or consumer milieu (JRA3).
  • Development of optimal modes of presentation of nanoparticles to cells, tissues, organisms and whole animals for quantitative reproducibility (JRA4).
  • Towards development of priority alternative in vitro tests to replace animal testing (JRA5).