Joint Research Activity 3 - Development of Tools for characterisation of nanoparticles in situ in biological matrices

The key objectives are:

  • Identification of the in situ nature of the priority and biological endpoint nanomaterials (from JRA1 and JRA2) in a range of biological milieu (plasma, natural waters (fresh/marine), sludge) and in complex matrices such as food;
  • Assessment of the evolution of the selected nanomaterial characteristics (including the dispersion quality) in a range of complex biological milieu, including plasma, water/sludge/effluent, food and other complex matrices;
  • Delivery to TA of protocols and validation of techniques for time-resolved assessment of nanomaterials in situ via RR studies;
  • Recommendations on the appropriate level of time-resolved nanomaterials characterisation in vitro (and in vivo) to ensure appropriate knowledge regarding the available dose at all stages of the experiment (i.e. whether dispersion characterisation before, during and after exposure is needed).