Network Activity 1 - Management and Coordination

NA1 is dedicated to the coordination and management of all of the technical Work Packages (15 TAs, 4 NAs and 5 JRAs) with the QualityNano Consortium.

The key coordination objectives are:

  • Promotion, integration, development, advancement of the nanosafety community, cooperative and consistent with scientific activity of nanomedicine, nanodiagnostics and other related scientific communities;
  • Creation of a ‘User’ space that is reflective, responsive to community needs, whilst looking to the future needs and future potential of nano interactions with living organisms;
  • Creation of an effective, firmly neutral ‘space’ in which results from Users, and others (for example FP and industry) consortia can generate data, potentially agreed between different stakeholders;
  • Ensuring effective dissemination of QualityNano opportunities and deliverables to a wide-ranging User community and all of the relevant stakeholder groups.

The key management objectives are:

  • Creation of a well-run, fair, transparently operated, User-oriented virtual access facility;
  • Ensuring all deliverables are produced on time and to budget;
  • Provision of clear Web-enabled communication between all Participants and Users on the status of QualityNano;
  • Managing the operational running of the Nanomaterials Hub;
  • Managing the operational running of the Trans-national Access component to ensure User satisfaction;
  • Ensuring that potential risks are recognised early and mitigated against;
  • Robust financial management;
  • Adoption of a Consortium Agreement (CA) that enables the continued effective management of QualityNano for the benefit of the User community;
  • Development and implementation of an IP protection and exploitation protocol in consultation with NovaUCD.