Network Activity 2 - Nanomaterials Hub & Round-Robin Assessment

The key objectives are:

  • Establishment of standard QC/QA conditions for hazard assessment of nanomaterials and to ensure nanomaterials safety for the purposes of nanomaterial supply to users, and others.
  • Scale-up of the QualityNano infrastructure for the existing “nanomaterials library” and the “centralised nanomaterials sourcing, characterisation and distribution function” to serve the needs of the wider User community.
  • Intake of the first (and subsequent) nanomaterials from the TA Participants (and high quality commercial sources), and establishment of physico-chemical characteristics via round-robin testing and establishment of initial dispersion protocols.
  • Ongoing validation of the suitability of the input materials for biological safety assessment (initially the materials from the TA providers, later the materials coming from the work packages JRA1 and JRA2) using round robin studies organized by endpoint or mechanistic effect.
  • Implementation of a number of standard nanomaterials, each of which shows a positive response to a mechanistically understood and described biological endpoint (e.g. apoptosis, oxidative stress, genotoxicity, inflammatory response);
  • Establishment in parallel of a “nanomaterial reference collection" of voucher specimens from all nanomaterials used in the QualityNano project. Stable dispersion of nanomaterials provided and used by this WP in Quality Assurance (QA) schemes will serve the need for a control of the determination step of biological testing as well as to investigate specific mechanistic effects related to specific nanomaterial properties. Description of work and role