Network Activity 3 - Knowledge Hub for Nanosafety

The key objectives are:

  • Establishment of a knowledge hub covering aspects of good practice in nanomaterials for biological testing, with courses tailored to the needs of all stakeholder groups (researchers and research institutions, industry, regulatory bodies, public) and packaged in a variety of ways (short courses, seminars, workshops and lectures, some of which can be modules of Masters and PhD programmes, offered as classical presence events or as online, virtual and distance learning);
  • Integration and continuation of the networking activities of EU FP7 CSA NanoImpactNet ( beyond the lifetime of that project;
  • Development of a central resource for sharing and accessing teaching materials related to all aspects of nanosafety evaluation and best practice for nanomaterials processing, analysis, characterisation and exposure assessment.

The focus of QualityNano is in establishing an analytical research infrastructure. Thus, all training elements are related to the topic of characterisation of nanomaterials for different purposes, e.g. toxicology and ecotoxicology, although these topics are not themselves being addressed specifically through research or training. Links to these are incorporated by leveraging the resources and capacities of expert groups, many of whom are PIs in FP and major national projects. These Expert Resource Groups advise QualityNano and its Users on issues related to but not directly covered by the QualityNano Description of Work. They are each charged with developing elements of their own business plans, which shall be used as input in a forward planning exercise for the future of QualityNano (via NA 4).