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Transnational Access

Fully funded access to top nano-characterization facilities across Europe!


Networking Activities

To support the European nanosafety community.


Joint Research Activities

To enhance understanding of health and safety issues in nanotechnology.


Horizon 2020 IPR Factsheet and Open Access Guidelines

Mar 23, 2020
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This fact sheet intends to assist applicants in Horizon 2020 with the management of intellectual property in the proposal stage of their project. Even though Horizon 2020 research and innovation activities are implemented through different forms of funding, particularly grants, prizes, procurement and financial instruments, this fact sheet deals solely with grants. This fact sheet is the first of a series of three fact sheets dealing with the management of intellectual property in the different stages of a Horizon 2020 project.

The fact sheet is available under the following link: or you can download it directly here: PDF

The EC has also produced guidelines that provide context and explanation for the rules on open access applicable to beneficiaries in projects funded or co-funded under Horizon 2020. The Guidelines on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Horizon 2020 can be downloaded directly here: PDF


The Transnational Access (TA) component for QualityNano is dedicated to providing Users from the European nanosafety community access to nanomaterials processing, characterisation and exposure assessment facilities (TAFs).


The Networking Activities (NA) component for QualityNano will aim to support and integrate the European nanosafety community.


The Joint Research Activity (JRA) component for QualityNano will develop novel analytical approaches and tools to enhance understanding of health and safety issues in nanotechnology and push beyond the state of the art in nanomaterials processing, labelling and identification and characterisation in situ.