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23-27 July 2012

Life Cycle Analysis and Assessment

The course is a part of certified and accredited education system and as such enables the participants to earn European ECTS credit points (see http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-policy/ects_en.htm). The course is open both for students of the universities participating in the project and for the external participants.

Web: http://goo.gl/2m9es

Stuttgart, Germany

Magnetic Resonance for Soil and Environmental Scientists 

Erasmus mundus project “The Environmental Technologies for Contaminated Solids, Soils and Sediments” will provide three short training courses on NMR based technologies to characterise transport and solid phases:, with three modules:

  1. NMR applications (time domain, swelling, relaxation and diffusion, handheld equipment);
  2. MRI on transport processes in soils, reactors and biofilms;
  3. ESR methods to study the role of radicals in oxidation/reduction reactions of contaminants.

Date not yet confirmed, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Web: http://www.internationaldoctorate.unicas.it/

18-22 June 2012

Summer school on Contaminated Soils
From characterization to remediation

Web: http://www.internationaldoctorate.unicas.it/


France, Paris-Est

NanoTOES Training on Communication of potentially controversial science 
more details to be posted as they become available


 Electron Microscope Training at FEI Academy

FEI Academy offers a variety of training opportunities for all levels of experience covering its Quanta SEM, Tecnai Basic - TF20, Tecnai Advanced Life Science Cryo and DualBeam Helios NanoLab



Particle size characterisation: Zetasizer Nano e-learning:


  • Course 1: Introduction to the Zetasizer
  • Course 2: Introduction to Light Scattering
  • Course 3: Particle Size measurements
  • Course 4: Zeta Potential measurements


  • Cost: €532