NanoImpactNet - QualityNano 2012


Programme (download), abstract book (download) and video recordings (Day1, Day 2, Day 3). 


Opening session: Setting the scene – From NanoImpactNet to QualityNano.

Chair: Michael Riediker (NIN) and Kenneth Dawson (QualityNano)

Session 1: Materials for the future
Chairs: Hans Bouwmeester (NIN) and Sergio Moya (QualityNano)

This session will look out to future nanomaterial generations and how we control the quality of these, and the additional challenges they represent for safety assessment. We can also look back on lessons learnt from NIN and other past EU funded projects.

Session 2: Eco-Hazard Assessment
Chairs: Bernd Nowack (NIN) and Tamara Galloway (QualityNano)

This session will present the state of the art and look towards the future in eco-hazard assessment (hazard as being broader than toxicity).

Session 3: From Production to Exposure
Chairs: Markus Berges (NIN) and Terry Wilkins (QualityNano)

This session will cover the many stages during a product development, the life cycle of a product containing manufactured nanomaterials (MNMs) and the life of a MNM itself plus how this links to various human and environmental exposures.

Session 4:
Characterisation in situ following exposure
Chairs: Peter Wick (NIN) and Stéphane Lucas (QualityNano)

This session will address the challenges of detecting, identifying, quantifying and further characterising nanomaterials in situ in (sometimes very complex) matrices. It can be a combination of current work in method development, future needs and relevant characterisation endpoints.

Session 5: Beyond non-specific hazards
Chairs: Lucienne Juillerat (NIN) and Diana Boraschi (QualityNano)

This session will address issues that go beyond non-specific toxicity and addresses questions like immune-activation or suppression, interaction with cellular signalling pathways and the hormonal and / or developmental systems. Also the question of how we can address issues of chronic or delayed impacts is of interest.

Session 6:
Stakeholder needs and Risk Assessment
Chairs: Anders Baun (NIN) and Andreas Luch (QualityNano)

This session will address the duality in risk assessment where industry stakeholder needs sometimes match those of research and regulatory risk assessors and sometimes are perceived as being opposed, contradictory or onerous. This session will include presentations from two invited persons from small to medium enterprises (one production, one using MNM), and one from regulators and researchers.

Training School - Thursday 1 & Friday 2 March

Thursday 1"Modelling nanomaterial interactions with living systems - tools, techniques and approaches"

Friday 2 : "Applying the principles of Good Laboratory Practice QNano GLP Trainingto research on the interactions of nanomaterials with living systems"