Day 1

Recordings from the conference:

Opening Session: Setting the scene - From NanoImpactNet to QNano (Michael Riediker)

Looking forward on QNano (Kenneth Dawson)

Keynote 1: Responsible Use of Nanomaterials - The German Stakeholder-Dialogue (Wolf-Michael Catenhusen)

Keynote 2: Nanotechnology: 10 years of French Public Policies towards a Responsible Development (Françoise Roure)

Keynote: Applications of Late-Transition-Metal Nanoparticles (Didier Astruc)

Measuring protein structure and stability of protein-nanoparticle systems (Luigi Calzolai)

Size-controlled synthesis and functionalization of large gold nanoparticles (Ngoc Tran)

Transnational Access in QNano (Sikha Ray)

Discussion: materials for the future (Hans Bouwmeester)

SIINN ERA-NET on Nanotoxicology – Funding Opportunities and Topics of First Call (Rainer Hagenbeck)